Puerto de la Cruz: One of the jewels of the Canary Islands and Spanish Tourism


The history of this city is linked to the history of travel, experience, and tourism. Appreciate what countless illustrious travelers lived when they were in Puerto de la Cruz, is highlight the corners with the charm of this place. The north simply could not be more different to the south of the island which is more commercial.

Characters recognized and historical landfall in Puerto de la Cruz: Alexander Von Humboldt, who discovered a green territory chaired by El Teide. Or Agatha Christie, who stayed in the old hotel Taoro, attracted by the British glamor of the city. Also writers such as William Wilde and Sir Richard Burton. André Breton, whom the curator of contemporary art brought Eduardo Westerdahl, who donated his collection to the Museum of the city that bears his name, to make the first international exhibition of the Surrealists. Or the Beatles, who walked by Martianez Beach and the Lido.

Botany, landscape and climate have made this area a special place to be, to enjoy cafes in places such as the beautiful cliff, Garden of lilies; the Sitio Litre, where you can still have an English tea in a 19th-century Garden of orchids, or the Taoro Park, with a wonderful view of the sunset over the city.


Of all, there is a place that characterizes to Puerto de la Cruz, which is the tip of the wind, at the beginning of the Paseo de San Telmo, ‘Where the air goes back’. ‘ Combination of wind and salt, natural to the high seas, which at one point is made water, waves, total purity of the streams: the smell of the sea .’

The historic Puerto de la Cruz, pedestrian, with more than 140 buildings and large protected houses, is interspersed with a legacy of hotel architecture in a height of the years 60′. An open commercial area next to the sea, a lush subtropical gardens and a volcanic seafront which fills the city of the smell of saltpeter and beat Bravo Atlantic Ocean from Martiánez until Punta Brava. A botanical garden created by Carlos III. Loro Parque Zoo enclosure of higher level of Spain, a world leader. Port Street Art, new Museum of Contemporary art in the open air. A complex of swimming pools – the Martiánez Lake – and a beach – beach garden – designed by the brilliant artist César Manrique. And the beach of Martianez, specializing in surfing activities and the arrival of gliders.

The possibilities for sports and activities in nature are here very spacious. In addition, Puerto de la Cruz is the ideal place to start and do baptisms sports safely, by land, sea and air. Go for the activities you know and those that do not know: caving, interpreted volcanoes and stargazing in the cleanest European sky.

And all this joins the privileged situation of Puerto de la Cruz on the island to discover its major attractions, including the Teide and the city of La Laguna, two world heritage of humanity by UNESCO, which is only half an hour. La Lauguna is famous for it’s nightlife & student scene.

All these assets allow a custom vacation, with many combinations, and thus propose a different stay the traveler. If you want a holiday here, look at the Private Holiday website.


Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas and Costa Adeje

Los Cristianos

Los Cristianos, virtually attached to Playa de las Americas, has a wide beach of the golden sand front the pier which allows a link to La Gomera and El Hierro, and still retains a fishery of some importance.

Numerous excursions depart from the port in different boats, both recreational and fishing. Against this coastal band, there is a colony of pilot whales or pilot whales.

There are numerous bars and restaurants near the beach; a pedestrian promenade allows us to delve into the village while another goes along the coast in the direction of nearby Guaza mountain.

BUS lines: 111 (Santa Cruz – Los Cristianos – Pya.) Americas) 343 (Puerto Cruz – Los Cristianos – Pya.) Americas) 473 (giant – cookies) to the Cristianos 470 (Granadilla – Cristians – Pya.) Americas)



These two resorts have spread the coast of Adeje and Arona respectively. At the end of Adeje, there are residential areas such as Playa del Duque, Fanabe, Torviscas, San Eugenio and the original nucleus of Playa de las Americas. A series of works on the coast have been providing various sandy beaches and the Torviscas Bobo.

In the estate of San Eugenio is “Puerto Colon”, a Marina, from where you depart for different excursions of recreation and fishing.

Very close and on the coast of the Hotel Jardín Tropical a beautiful terrace is located in five levels with gardens and a pool of 600 square meters and 90 long, Las Rocas, belonging to the hotel and where they pay a canon of access; He has a comfortable restaurant. The next beach is the Bobo, where have been installed with the rental windsurfing school and a sailing school with a hire of sailing boats and catamarans.

The climate here is dry and sunny during most of the year, so it is advisable to prudence and protection against the Sun. The Barranco del Rey defines the boundary between the municipality of Adeje and Arona. In this area of the coast, there are different beaches of golden sand, such as the caves and the beaches of Troy, very crowded and very sunny, dry weather.

Services of changing rooms and showers and offices of tourist information, as well as numerous bars, restaurants, and terraces along the pedestrian promenade that runs along this stretch of coast. There are other tourist information offices in Costa Adeje.

There are rental of sun loungers, pedal boats and other boats of recreation, and also of watercraft (Jet-ski). Practice different sports like Jet skiing, parascending, etc., and there are various diving clubs in the area. A stretch of the coastline is suitable also for the practice of surfing.

jet ski

The coast between the port of Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas (beaches of Troy) has some excellent beaches of golden sand, Las Caletillas, and El Camisón, on the coastal stretch Park Apartments complex Santiago III and in front of the Sir Anthony Hotel. The last tip of the Nightgown is Las Vistas beach recently regenerated with almost two kilometres of extension. On these beaches, there is rental of sun loungers, from boats to pedal and personal watercraft, with numerous bars and restaurants in the vicinity.

Out of this World: Places to Visit in Tenerife

The volcanic island of Tenerife offers you a rich variety of attractions, a host of attractions and beautiful towns and villages.

The beautiful sandy beaches of the South to the spectacular lunar landscapes of the Teide, this sun-drenched island is the largest of the Canary Islands and has been blessed with an eternal spring climate.

If you want to fly your senses and escape to Tenerife to admire fantastic Blue skies, Sun, the enchanting beaches, the restaurants and incredible hotels, it has given the right place.

There are numerous and great destinations to choose from. In Spain-Tenerife, we have carefully selected the best hotels in the most attractive locations and with exceptional prices.

Costa Adeje is a complex of first class and very populous located on the South coast, which has a lot of beaches with calm waters turquoise, beautiful avenues lined with exclusive shops, restaurants category, and elegant cocktail bars.

Costa Adeje

If you want to immerse yourself in quality 5 stars, we have two great recommendations for you in this area. Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel you will enjoy a perfect retreat for a quiet and relaxing holiday. The Jardines de Nivaria Hotel has ocean views and incredible immersed in buildings surrounded by the fragrance of a landscaped subtropical gardens and opulent rooms.

And now, the best hotels of 4 stars in Costa Adeje: the elegant Hotel Colon Guanahani is located near one of the most beautiful cities in the South, Playa de Fañabé, beaches while the Tropical Garden Hotel is close to the village of San Eugenio, who hosts at the same time the beautiful Marina of Puerto Colon.

All of these hotels in Costa Adeje are a step drive from the lively towns of Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas, both famous for its nightlife and its uninterrupted party atmosphere 24 hours, in case you want to live it.

The Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque Resort is seen to give credence to his eyes. Overlooking the ocean in the exclusive zone of Playa del Duque, this magnificent 5-star luxury property has been recognized as one of the best in the South of the island.

If you like to play golf, the Sandos Hotel Reserva Ambiental & Golf is located close to the Green greens of Golf del Sur, a popular resort for golfers.

Perhaps you fancy head north, towards the island’s capital, Santa Cruz. Here you can discover history, culture and arts, as well as great restaurants, nightlife and the enchanting beach of Las Teresitas.

Also in the North is the vibrant town of Puerto de la Cruz, nestled in the beautiful landscape of the Valle de la Orotava. A short drive from the picturesque streets of the old town has the Hotel Botanico and The Oriental Spa Garden. This 5-star sanctuary is a wonderful and luxurious oasis of tranquility, located near the beautiful Playa Jardín.

Besides, we recommend another hotel of the town: the Hotel Beatriz Atlantis & Spa 4 star, located facing the sea and close to the Lago Martianez, a wonderful world filled with pools, lakes and waterfalls.

On either side of the island, in mountains and valleys, you will find enchanting villages, including Munch and Güímar. Also, on the West Coast, you should not see the spectacular cliffs of Los Gigantes.


In any case, decide where you choose to stay, whatever your plans for the holiday, we can help you, especially in relation to choosing the type of accommodation suitable to their needs. Check the wide selection of hotels, apartments, resorts, hotels and villas in Tenerife at the best prices we recommend.

The Cost of Living in the CANARY ISLANDS

CANARY ISLANDS. The cost of living in the Canary Islands is the highest in the world, according to the report made by Professor Rosario Ramos of the Faculty of Economics and business administration of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The study highlights that only Japan, Iceland, Norway, Hong Kong and Israel outweigh the high prices recorded in the Islands. Can this really be true?

This recent report suggests that the cost of living in the archipelago, as well as the expense of the basket in the Islands, has an index to this respect the 118,80, above in an 18.80 world, situated in a 100 average. This average also widely surpassed by Japan (158,48), Iceland (155,55), Norway (129,31), Hong Kong (122,75) and Israel with an index of the 119,58.

Immediately behind the Canary Islands as well as above the world average are Denmark (115,13), United Kingdom (114,78), Sweden (113,64), Switzerland (111,83), Taiwan (111,23), Finland (109,84), Russia (109,10), Argentina (108,35), France (107,43), Singapore (105), South Korea (104,96), Brazil (103,25), Italy (102,25), Austria (101,28) and Ireland (100,67).
Below the global index are China (99,11), Germany (99,05), Venezuela (97,85), United States (96,87), the Netherlands (96,59), Belgium (96) and Spain with an index of the 95,18, thus recording the Peninsular territory an index of cost of life and the shopping cart more than 20 points lower than the 118,80 Canary index.

Price control 

In regards to the efficiency of the regional government as to whether its price control affects the final price of the products, the report notes that economic agents and social Islanders do not trust in the control of the autonomic executive measures because the cost of living index and the prices of the basket on the Islands are the highest around the world.
The same occurs with his opinion about whether buyers are demanding and informed in the archipelago. In this sense, the economic agents believe that islanders consumers are not well informed and demanding when it comes to their purchases.

Night life in the Canary Islands 

Night Canary Islands

The Canary Islands have a broad range of activities carried out once a night. The more touristic islands like Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are where most nocturnal activities are, with plenty of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and casinos that are available to tourists and Canaries to a fun night and wrapped in a festive and pleasant atmosphere.

Most of the bars stay open until two in the morning and the clubs do not close until after 6 o’clock in the morning! The entrance to the clubs, in general, is free, so it is not necessary to pay to entering and even at some clubs the first drink is free.

Nightlife in Tenerife 

Nightlife in Tenerife

The island of Tenerife has a great nightlife thanks to its numerous clubs, bars, restaurants and various entertainment venues. The nightlife in Tenerife focuses on the Playa de las Americas, focused primarily for young people.

There is an atmosphere for students since the University is located in this municipality in La Laguna. The area of Los Gigantes and Playa de la Arena focuses most nights to family fun.

Nightlife in Gran Canaria

Nightlife in Gran Canaria

In Gran Canaria, you can find all type of fun that is desired. In the Playa del Inglés, Maspalomas beach and the beach of Puerto Rico you will discover bars, nightclubs with styles of music for all tastes and gay-friendly venues.

In the island’s capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria also highlight its discos and nightclubs open until long hours of the morning and the famous Casino of the Hotel Santa Catalina.

Nightlife in Lanzarote 

Nightlife in Lanzarote

Lanzarote nightlife is fantastic, and there are plenty of activities that suit all tastes, although it is not as massive as that of Tenerife or Gran Canaria. The nightlife meets in the Avenida de Las Playas and the Atlantic Center in Rosario port with bars with live music.

The area of Playa Blanca offers a more relaxed atmosphere where you can find cocktail bars, located in major shopping centers as the Papagayo, point lemons or the La Mulata.

In the Costa Teguise, clubs and discos are distributed by Javillo Avenue.

Nightlife in Fuerteventura 

Nightlife in Fuerteventura

As in other islands, the areas of nightlife, nightclubs, bars, clubs and restaurants are located in the major centers of tourist agglomeration. In this case, Morro Jable and Corralejo are the most important points of reference where to spend a fun night drink and dancing, relaxing on one of the terraces of a bar or dining with the family in the many restaurants that abound in these areas.

In the Caleta de Fuste you can also find everything you seek.